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Students Internships & Trainings

Zain & Nokia Internship Program
As part of our social responsibility, Zain SA is happy to provide the support and training to Saudi graduates through a free learning and training program in collaboration with Nokia for eight weeks, which is designed to give the students the opportunity to enhance and develop their skills in preparation for them to enter the labor market.

Program application procedures
You can find below the requirements to join the program. The Company will assess the applications and determine in its absolute 
discretion which Students it is willing to admit to the Program. The Company reserves the right at all times to make this decision without having to give any reason/s regarding its acceptance or non-acceptance of such applications.

An applicant must be

  • Saudi
  • Above 21 years old
  • Hold a valid passport with minimum 6 months validity
  • Hold valid passport with minimum 6 months validity
  • Have graduated from a recognized tertiary university or college with Bachelor degree with a specialization in any of the following:
    • Computer Sciences / Engineering
    • Information System
    • Software Engineering
    • Telecommunication Engineering
    • Information Technology or any equivalent Major in IT or Telecommunication. 

The applicant Student must submit with its application a written reference of good 
character from its applicable Tertiary Organization.
The applicant Student shall be deeded to agree to the following terms at the time that 
it submitting to the Company its application for nominations to the Program.
All appointed Interns to the Program shall be required to commit to the Program and 
train with the Company upon a fulltime basis – ie: from 6 to 8 weeks from 9am – 5pm 
on all work days.
The Appointed Intern shall comply at all times with:
The contract signed between the Appointed Intern and Company prior to the
commencement of the Program.
The Company’s human resources, security and other relevant policies which shall be
made available to the Intern upon request the applicable Program training rules and 
regulations. All applicable laws in Saudi Arabia and all other applicable laws relating to 
such Appointed Intern.

Other Requirements

English: Intermediate / Advanced

Soft skills

  • Good communication skills
  • Team working attitude
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Positive thinking, can-do attitude


  • Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences, Software Development And Programming
  • Computer Engineering, Software Development And Programming, Telecommunication Engineering

Other skills

  • Computer Skills
  • Internet user skills (Required)
  • PC User skills (Required)              


  • REDIS (Preferred)
  • Oracle (Preferred)

Professional Skills

  • Agile practices / Scrum (Required)
  • Solid math/statistics knowledge (Required)
  • Solid Mobile network knowledge (Required)
  • 3G/4G knowledge (Required) 

Development Tools

  • JIRA (Required)
  • GIT (Required)
  • Jenkins (Preferred)
  • Gerrit (Preferred)
  • Confluence (Preferred)

Programming Skills

  • Java (Required)
  • RESTFul webservices (Preferred)              
  • Maven (Preferred)

Operating Systems

  • Windows (user level) (Required)
  • Linux (user/basic administration level) (Required)

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