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user protection

    • Users rights and responsibilities click here
    • In order to preserve your rights as a telecommunications service user, please peruse the Regulations on the Protection of Rights of ICT Services’ Users and on the Terms of ICT Service Provision Document click here , which is considered a reference to the relationship between the service provider and the user.
    • To see the Telecommunications Act document click here
    • To see the Telecommunications Bylaws document click here
    • See the terms of mobile, land line, data and Internet services documents.

    For more information please contact Customer Care Center on 959.  

  • Complaint

    The process of handling inquiries and complaints:

    1. Users are entitled to present their complaints to their service provider, provided that the complaint is submitted within 60 days of the incident, or the disputed bill, unless it was proved that the user was not aware of the bill or the incident at the time of its occurrence.
    2. Complaints will be processed within 5 days.
    3. Customer will receive a reference number with expected time to resolve the complaint via SMS.
    4. In the event that the expected period ends before the complaint is processed, the user will be informed of the progress of his complaint and the expected new period of termination.
    5. Customer will receive a written response to their complaint via a text.
    6. The customer may escalate the complaint to the CITC after 5 days from the date of submitting the complaint without responding to it. Or the service provider closes the complaint without processing it, provided that the above is within a period not exceeding 180 days from the date of closing the complaint by the service provider or the end of the statutory period granted to him.

    To follow up or create a inquiries and complaint please do not hesitate to contact us through:

    1. Zain Customer services by calling 959 or 0590000959 from other operators.
    2. Visiting Zain shops, to know your nearest Zain shop click here.
    3. Self-services portal (My Zain account) in Zain website
    4. Zain App.
    5. Zain customer service in Social Media Facebooklinked inInstagramtwitter.
  • Prepaid Lines

    Line Validity  

    In order to avoid line disconnection, the customer will have to do one of the following transactions at least once every 90 days:
    -   Placing Calls
    -   Sending SMS
    -   Browsing the internet
    -   Recharging with any amount
    -   Subscribing to any of Zain Offers.

    If the customer did not make one of the above transactions within the 90 days period, the line will be receiving calls only, and must be recharge within the period of 180 days to avoid termination.

    Validity rules apply on prepaid lines except visitors, Hajj and Umrah packages.


  • SIM Cards Registered On Your ID

    Now you can check the numbers registered under your ID/Iqama by sending an empty SMS to 700123

    For more information, please visit the nearest Zain shop or call 959 

  • Stop receiving SMS ads
    • To stop receiving SMS ads, send stop to 705000
    • To stop receiving SMS ads from a particular sender, send Stop space then name of sender to 705000
    • To activate receiving SMS ads, send Start to 705000
    • For more information about the regulation for the reduction of SPAM document and how to commit to it, please visit the CITC website.
  • Internet based on usage service

    Please note that the internet based on usage service got disabled to avoid calculating any excess amounts which is calculated after the end of data packets you subscribed in.

    To enable the internet based on usage service please send ED to 959

    To know more about the available internet packages send Data to 959