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  • No, all the services on the 959 shortcode are limited to the number you are sending the SMS from.

  • You won’t be able to enquire about your balance from a prepaid line. 959 shortcode is for postpaid lines only

  • This might happen sometimes due to the overload on our server especially during the weekends and at the end of the billing cycle. If you are using the Arabic shortcodes you can try using English ones, if it is still not working you can try at another time

  • No , you’ll not be able to send to 959 when your line is disconnected , but you can use the other channels such as IVR and Self Care

  • You can find this information on My Zain portal or by sending “BS” to 959

  • You can do this on My Zain portal by checking the payment history .

  • Yes, you can use My Zain portal to decrease your credit limit or by sending “D” to 959

  • There are no charges, you can use My Zain portal to see if you are eligible to increase your limit or by sending “CL” to 959

  • You have 21 days from the bill date to pay your bill before it becomes over due.

  • You can visit My Zain portal and view the “Usage Details” page or sending “BD” to 959.

  • Sorry you can’t change the bill layout, we use a standard layout template for all our customers

  • Your line should be reconnected within 10-20 minutes from the payment. We might have some delays due to the overload on our systems during the billing days. We will appreciate if you can wait for some time, and if it is still disconnected you should call 959

  • Yes, you can choose either to have your bill in Arabic or English

  • Yes. You can print a copy of your bill from My Zain portal
    Or  by sending “BS” to 959
    Or by sending SMS to 959 as following: The SMS contains E additional to your E-mail .
    For example: E 123@xxxx.Com

  • Please call Zain call center 959 and verify your E mail address , for more information please click here

  • Yes you can, but you have to fill SADAD form if you wish to pay through the bank teller

  • Yes it is free of charge.

  • Yes. Zain is applying the highest level of security standards in line with the requirements of international credit card issuing companies. We also have the best in class platform provided by our banking partners to ensure the safety and the security of your information

  • Yes you can make a payment and it will be subtracted from your account balance

  • Yes, you can do that on My Zain portal or by sending “UB” to 959

  • Yes you can

  • You can pay your bill on My Zain portal using your credit card, you can pay through SADAD or you can pay at any zain outlet

  • You can do this on My Zain portal by checking the payment history

  • You can change it by visiting My Zain portal and changing your address in the “Profile Details” page

  • Because this is the maximum credit limit amount according to zain’s policies

  • Because this is the minimum credit limit amount according to zain’s policies

  • Yes, you can by pressing option 5 (postpaid) , Prepaid option (6)

  • Yes , you can by pressing option 1

  • Yes, you can by pressing option 1 then 3

  • You don’t need to configure your data connection. Our network will detect whenever you insert the SIM card in a new mobile phone and it will send you the required data and MMS configurations.

  • Yes, our network allows you to use your device as a modem. However; this depends on the device itself. Most of the device manufacturers include this feature in their devices. Please refer to your device manual to check if this feature is available.

    • The mobile number (Zain number) should be recorded as a user for this device at least once during the previous month of the request.
    • Customer must visit Zain flagship.
    • Customer must provide the device IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity' is a unique 15-digit number).
    • Customer must provide the proof of ownership (purchase invoice and warranty card form official dealer).
    • Customer must fill in device lock declaration.
  • 2 years from the date of purchase.

  • This issue has two ways:

    • If you check the device and found the problem before you leave Zain branch, it is will be under zain warranty.
    • If you check it after leave Zain branch, it will be under the dealer maintenance. 

    Handset models and Warranty Information





    All iPhone

    Zain KSA


    All MBB

    Zain KSA


    All Models

    Khaled Al-Haddad for Telecommunication CO



    Khaled Al-Haddad for Telecommunication CO

    Note 4

    Integrated Distribution Solution LTD


    Integrated Distribution Solution LTD

    S6 EDGE

    Khaled Al-Haddad for Telecommunication CO


    Axiom Telecom


    Future For Modern Products

    S2 9.7"

    Smart Unit Trading Est.

    PIXI 3

    Axiom Telecom


    Axiom Telecom

    PIXI 4 7'

    Axiom Telecom



    ZTE (HK) Limited Saudi Arabia




    DMP Devices (sold before Nov’16)

    Hussein Ali AbdulKhaliq Al Shahri

    Service Center Information

    Al Haddad

















  • No, it is not included in warranty, however, in one case only (once the customer checks it before leaves the Zain shop after purchase)

  • The customers have purchased the device from the same Zain branch and there is a manufacturing issue in the device.

  • The customer will get a new model as a replacement.

  • The iPhone and MBB devices under warranty are to be replaced at Zain Flagships

  • Please visit our outlets to replace your old SIM card. You will be charged 35 SAR for this service.

  • Zain follows a clear policy regarding the confidentiality of its subscribers’ information. Access to your information is impossible, except for authorized personnel.

  • - Biometric/fingerprint verification click here


    1/ A copy of the Saudi ID, to present along with the original

    2/ Must be 18 or above


    1/ Copy of the Saudi ID, to present along with the original

    Note: photo should be an exact copy of the original

    2/ Must be 18 or above

    In case Saudi ID is not available:

    1/ A copy of the Family ID, to present along with the original

    2/ Must be 18 or above

    3/ Ladies must be accompanied by a guarantor who should provide an original copy of his ID for comparison. Guarantor’s relationship to the lady must be one of the following: father, brother, son, uncle or spouse.

    Note: ID must be valid.


    1/ A copy of residency, to present along with the original

    2/ Minimum residency period must be more than 3 months GCC


    1/ A copy of passport

    2/ Proof of residency in the Kingdom, such as a employment certificate from a local company or a proof of investment

  • All through the month of Ramadan, working days are Saturday through Thursday, from 01:00 pm until 05:00 pm, then from 21:30 pm until 02:00 am. Outlets are closed during prayer time and Fridays from 21:30 pm until 2:00 am.

  • Official working hours at Zain outlets are Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am until noon, then from 4:00 pm until 11:00 pm. Outlets are closed during prayer time and on Fridays from 4:00 pm until 11:00 pm.

  • You will be able to organize & update your personal profile, and change & retrieve your PIN code. You can also view your bill amounts, organize your bill usage, pay your bills, and recharge your prepaid line. You can also view you package details, points & free prizes, and add or cancel services.

  • Yes, you need to register in My Account in order to benefit from its provided services.

  • Through My profile section in My Account page

  • Through My profile section in My Account page

  • Through Dashboard section in My Account page

  • Through My Services section in My Account page

  • Through Usage Details section in My Account page

  • Through Recharge History in My Account page

  • Through Online Payment section in My Account page

  • You can provide us with any comments or notices through “Contact Us”.

  • You will be charged 8 Halalas per extra MB.

  • The data will be added on the customer’s main account, and he/she can use it through any of the secondary SIMS.

  • The customer will be able to use the free monthly data offered depending on his package, and the data from the data bundle will be added to his/her account.
    Example: if you are subscribed to Mazaya premium which gives you free monthly data of 2 GB, and you subscribed to the 1 GB data bundle, you will get a total of 3 GB.

  • Please contact Zain customer service on 0590000959 or 959 from your Zain line, visit or email us at

  • Visit the Zain Speed self-service page: or log in into My Account from your Zain Speed Line. You will be able to recharge your line, renew or change your Plan, view your plan information, pay your bill, and check the data usage

  • You can check your balance by visiting the  Zain Speed self-service page: or log in into My Account

  • You can change your Plan by simply visiting the Zain Speed self-service page: or log in into My Account

  • Yes, by visiting Zain Shop however we advise you to utilize the unused balance and data before changing because you will lose remaining balance and data upon changing your line type.

  • Yes, Zain offers a variety of plans with different data allowances and durations customers can choose any of our data plans that best suits your internet usage needs

  • A. Postpaid
    From the activation date

    B. Prepaid
    From the date of first data usage

  • The Maximum 4G speed technology reaches 150Mbps and Zain is keen to offer the full speed to customer

  • Connecting to Zain Internet is very simple, Zain Devices are pre-configured to connect directly to the internet (plug & play) just insert your SIM card in and device you wish to use and start enjoying the internet.
    Listed below are the configurations in case if you are using an aftermarket device, or need to re-configure your device:

    Access Point Name (APN)


    User Name




    Dial Code


  • Zain offers an immediate non-conditional device replacement for our valued customers within 1 year of the purchase of any Speed device if the device is confirmed to be faulty under existing warranty conditions.
    Visit any Zain branch with proof of purchase and the sales agent will be more than happy to assist you.

  • No, Zain does not apply any policies, customers have the freedom to browse the internet at high 4G speeds at all times with no limits

  • The mobile number portability or MNP, means that you can keep your number in case you want to move to another operator in Saudi Arabia. (the service is available to move between Zain, STC and Mobily, Lebara, Virgin)

  • No charging fee for this service 

    • Customer should visit ZAIN shop, to find the nearest shop click here
    • Customer should bring the original copy of national id / Iqamah to initiate the MNP request.
    • Customer will be able to choose between Post / Pre Packages .To find out more about Zain postpaid / prepaid Packages click here 
    • The customer will received inactive SIM card, SIM card will be activated once the other operator approve the request.
    • Customer line Status should be active in the former operator.


  • Customer MNP request will be Handled in 8 Working hours (Excluding weekend Friday / Saturday)

  • All voice lines (postpaid / prepaid) can benefit from this service. Data line are not eligible.

  • No, It’s Not Permissible to Transfer ownership of Ported IN Line.

  • The request will be rejected if the ID/ Iqamah is not identical to submitted documents

  • Customer Will Bear the Charged Commitment Amount.

  • Zain Plus is a rewards program which allows customers to accumulate points and redeem them for special rewards, like free local minutes or SMSes, international SMSes, or free Blackberry service.

  • All existing customers & new customers will be automatically enrolled in our Zain Plus rewards program.

  • Customers can accumulate points as soon as they are enrolled in the program.

  • No, there is no minimum or maximum amount. Any payment received from customers will qualify them to earn points.

  • Each point will have a 24-month-validity period starting from earning date for that point, in which it can be redeemed.

  • Zain Plus offers its customers different channels for redeeming the rewards. Customers can either use IVR, self-care portal (My Zain Page) & SMS, or visit any Zain shop where they will be assisted by the sales agent.

  • The list of redemption options can be found on the Zain website or on the catalogue available in Zain’s shops. Furthermore, the IVR “Zain Plus Menu” can provide info about the possible redemption options according to the caller's accumulated points or you can also send “gift” to 959 and you will get a list of Zain Plus rewards list.

  • Zain Plus will reward Gold members with 20% bonus points on each acquired point, and Platinum members with 30% bonus points.

  • The customer will be automatically upgraded to Gold or Platinum membership, upon making payments with the following qualifying values within a 3-month period.


    Zain plus Memberships Qualifying Payment values


    450 SAR


    1,350 SAR

    This means that the customer has to accumulate 450 SAR or above within a 3-month period to be upgraded from Silver level to Gold level OR the customer has to accumulate 1,350 SAR
    or above within a 3-month period to be upgraded from Silver or Gold level to Platinum level.

  • If the silver customers’ payments within 3 months are equal to the qualifying payment values of the Platinum membership, they will be automatically and immediately upgraded to Platinum.
    I.e. if a Silver customer accumulates SAR 1,350 or above within 3 months or less he/she will be automatically upgraded to Platinum level which allows him/her to get 30% additional bonus points on each acquired point.

  • • To stay in the Gold level, you have to keep accumulating SAR 450 or above within a 3-month period to keep enjoying the 20% additional bonus points.
    • To stay in Platinum level, you have to keep accumulating SAR 1,350 or above within a 3-month period to keep enjoying the 30% additional bonus points.

  • You can log in to “My Account” in 4 different ways:

    • Auto detection: it is working only if you are using zain internet service, which gives you a fast access to your account by authenticating the mobile number you are using for the internet connection 
    • Login with password: you can create account password through profile setting page, this password can be used to access your account anytime and anywhere; your zain number will be the user name.
    • Using social media account: through profile setting you can connect your social media account with zain account, then the existing information from the social networking service ( Facebook, Twitter or Google+) will be used to sign into” My Account”
    • Using email address: Similarly you can connect your zain account with your personal e mail to be used as a user to sign into “My Account”
  • The Dashboard is a centralized page to give you a quick overview to your account information, you will have a quick access to :

    • Contract information
    • Billing and Usage information
    • Balance and validity
    • Services management and service history 
    • Paying Bills and payments history
    • Ability to customize the view based in your preferences 
  • Use your credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) to make instant mobile recharge and bill payment or use Zain data voucher to recharge your data account instantly.

    • View the records of your calls , and data usage for the current month and the previous 5 months at My Zain from Usage Summary
    • View your usage history which includes the date, time, call duration, and number called/messaged for your outgoing and incoming calls and messages and many other preferences from Usage Details page.
  • Add Zain services (such as Internet services, Call forwarding, Voice mail, Don’t disturb service and others) from My Service page in My Account. 

  • View all the lines registered under your main contract and start managing them one account, however to secure the highest level of confidentiality and privacy for your lines please follow the below step to get the authority to access it:

    • Select the number you would like to connect to your account.
    • *the number you intent to link and manage, has to be registered to the self-care first.
    • A verification message will be sent to that number.
    • Confirm the verification code on your account
    • Select the number now from the number list on the top of the My Account side menu and start managing it
  • Through help and support:

    • Get a direct access to chat with zain live customer service representative.
    • Have the ability to open a direct request to our customer helpdesk support.
    • Monitor the request status with the ability to view the request’s history as well.