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The Fresh graduates Program “Evolve”

Because we believe in our youth and always strive to empower them and develop their capabilities, we launched our Evolve Program; a program that targets fresh graduates and develops their skills to prepare them to start their career efficiently.


Program Objectives:

  • Provide training and development opportunities for fresh graduates for a period of 6-12 months
  • Develop the skills and capabilities of fresh graduates to prepare them for the labor market


About the program

  • Training Certificates
  • Monthly reward
  • Training courses
  • Program duration 6-12 months


Majors Required:

  • Business Management
  • Human resources
  • marketing
  • Finance
  • Management Information Systems
  • information systems
  • information technology
  • Computer Science
  • Software engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Communications Engineering
  • cyber security
  • electrical engineering


Program Requirements

  • The applicant must be a Saudi national
  • Bachelor's degree "All majors required"
  • Certificates must be issued by a university accredited by the Ministry of Education


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