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Corporate Culture

At Zain we have developed an outstanding, unique corporate. Simply, a positive culture leads to corporate excellence, and corporate excellence is one of the main ingredients in a recipe for success that has seen members of the Zain Group achieve a market leading position in the Middle East.

Our corporate culture has undoubtedly played a significant role in developing our brand’s strength and dynamism. Our employees, our customer focus and our social responsibility are the most important assets we have in building, maintaining and developing Zain’s culture.

We are bringing cutting edge technology and advanced services to every country in which we operate by deploying our true competitive advantage our human resources to the front line. At the forefront of any successful company has to be its own people at the forefront of planning, implementation and management.


If the right culture is in place and the employees buy into it, are inspired by it and see its benefits, then it will impact positively on our company and its standards on the part of our employees and customers alike. So there is much to be said for getting this aspect of the company right – and we are working hard on getting it right.