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Agility  Agility

  We adapt quickly to change and make timely decisions


Belonging  Belonging

  We believe that we are one family and Zain is our second home


Customer centrec  Customer centric

  We strive to provide a distinctive service that exceeds customers' expectations


inclusion  Inclusion

  We accept our difference and believe that our diversity is the secret to our distinction


Open Communication  Open Communication

  We communicate openly and respect all opinions and ideas


About Zain KSA:

Zain KSA is a leading telecom provider established in Saudi Arabia on August 2008 as a listed company. In due respect to its highly developed infrastructure, the company was successful in establishing itself as a reliable telecom operator and a digital service provider whose services include telecom services, 5G network, digital payment services, cloud computing, IoT solutions, fiber services, drones, and many others.

In line with its pioneering strategy, Zain KSA was the first operator in the Middle East to commercially launch the 4G/LTE network in September 2011. In addition, in October 2019 it advanced its network through state-of-the-art 5G in its first phase to reach 28 cities across the Kingdom, enabled by 2,600 towers and currently in its second phase covers 51 cities enabled by more than 5000 towers to be ranked as the fourth largest 5G deployment globally.

Zain KSA is committed to the continuous development of its network and services in order to achieve the best customer service experience for individuals, the private sector and government institutions, in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 and the digital transformation in the Kingdom which is to provide the services needed for a smart society and a better quality of life.


Work Environment Initiatives Diversity & Inclusion

To reduce gender inequality and discrimination whether related to race, nationality, social class or people with disabilities.


In line with Vision 2030 Zain KSA in 2017 set out to increase the number of female leadership positions at Zain KSA. Zain KSA founded the initiative with the aim of empowering women at the workplace, and enhancing the workplace environment overall in order to not just benefit Zain KSA but the society as well.

Two major targets were set to be achieved:
1. Increase the number of female leaders at Zain KSA
2. To progress through the three stages of evolution for organizations tackling workplace gender diversity: Awareness, Realization, and Motivation.


This initiative aims to integrate and empower people with disabilities in the work environment and includes goals through monitoring, recruiting, developing and promoting specific opportunities for employees with disabilities.

Seeking to develop and maintain a work environment with the elements necessary to achieve employee well-being, Zain KSA launched the BE WELL initiative to improve the psychological and mental health of its employees.

Through this initiative, Zain KSA aims to increase the level of positivity in its work environment and create a comfortable atmosphere for its employees, with a greater focus on psychological and mental health, as well as improving overall performance, which has a positive impact on productivity levels.


It is a youth development program for people between the ages of 18 and 20 that empowers young employees by providing them with all the knowledge and resources to help them achieve the best results in the workplace. The ZY program has launched various skills development programs for young people such as Reverse Mentoring, Generation Z, and CODE 7. Through these programs, young people will feel a sense of belonging and integration in Zain.


An internal innovation drive to foster internal ideation and entrepreneurship across the company. Through ZANIAC, employees are able to explore new methods with building startups and collaborate with external stakeholders to achieve their goals.

Some of our Activities