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HR Philosophies

Our human resource philosophy consists of the ‘five Fs’:

  • Future: We are vigorously pursuing our vision of a leading global company in the telecommunications industry.
  • Fitness: We are striving to achieve the agility and the flexibility to adapt to the challenges of new markets and competition and the changing needs of expansion. The challenge Zain provides its employees with is to acquire more knowledge and experience through an internal employee development system that enhances the employee’s ability to excel.
  • Fun: Our corporate culture aims to build an enjoyable work environment for all employees.
  • Freedom: Our corporate culture is designed to promote openness – an openness in which employees can work and express their views freely.
  • Fortune: We are a ‘company of choice’ for anyone considering a career in the telecommunications industry – this is due to the development and growth opportunities we offer employees, which continually add value to all our assets.