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National Address


In line with the decision of the Council of Ministers No. (252) dated 24/7 / 1434H (corresponding to 03/06/2013) to came across your national address, we advise you to update your national address to benefit from the Public and Business services & facilities.


The National Address

It is the official address for individuals and corporate as the national address to receive the notices and notification as well as services provided by public and service sectors. It will regulate and facilitate the dealings of citizens, residents and companies.

The National Addressing system consists of six main parts; they are:

  1. Building Number: Consists of four numbers, the number represents either a commercial or residential building; the numbers are unique and not repeated on the street.
  2. Street Name: Represents the exact location of a certain building, entrance or shop that exists between several of buildings.
  3. Neighborhood: Represents the area that consists of all these buildings.
  4. City: Represents all the areas as a whole with its different neighborhoods, street names and building numbers.
  5. Postal Code/Zip Code: Consists of five digits, each digit has a significant location. This code covers a specific geographical area such as a neighborhood or any residential community.
  6. Additional Numbers: It is similar to the building number and also consists of four numbers.

national address

  • You can register by following only the four steps, which may not take you more than 60 seconds:

    • Visit the National Address Portal
    • Choose the address type (Registration of Individuals)
    • Enter your Location and Personal data


  • For more details, please see the video to help you register:

    The National Address is essential requirement for your Zain services, and as of 10th April 2018 it becomes a mandatory requirement to update your contact information