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Once Sma3hom service is activated, Zain default tone will be activated for free. Select your favorite ring back tone to play to all of your callers. Get access to a wide variety of tone categories including Islamic, Arabic, Urdu, Bollywood, Western, Classical and much more. 


  • Features

    Gift a tone

    Send the tones as a gift to your friends.

    Copy a tone

    If you likes the tone heard when calling a Sam3hom subscriber, you can simply copy it.

    Assign a tone

    You can assign a specific tone to a specific number.

    Juke Box

    Play all of your tones randomly or with a sequence.

    Share your favorite tones

    Share your favorite tones with friends on social media.

  • How to subscribe

    By SMS: Send “S” to 1718.
    By Call:  Call 1718 and follow the instructions.
    By App: Download Sma3hom App for iOS or Android.

  • How to unsubscribe

    By SMS: Send “UNSUB” to 1718.
    By Call:  Call 1718 and follow the instructions.
    By App: You can unsubscribe through Sma3hom App.

  • Price

    Sam3hom subscription: 5 SAR Monthly
    Tone price: 5 SAR Monthly

  • Platforms

    iOS and Android™



Zain Credit Service enables prepaid users to get instant balance or a bundle (data and voice) and pay later on next recharge.


  • Features

    The service offers users the option to get balance up to 75 SAR, or data package up to 1 GB or variety of Mix Bundles (Voice + Data), whenever they consume their main balance or they are in need for this credit.

    The amount of Zain credit (airtime or bundle) will be deducted automatically from next recharge in addition to any fees. Customers can use Zain Credit in local and international calls, SMS or Data.

  • How to subscribe

    How to get the service:

    To get max Zain Credit amount up to 75 SAR

    Send 1 to 700900 or dial *900*1#

    To get max Data bundle up to 1 GB

    Send D to 700900

    To get the max available Mix bundle (Voice + Data)

    Send Mix to 700900


    Also, the customer can dial *900# anytime to explore all available options and select the preferred Zain Credit’s band or type.


Kidotainment is just another school for children where they can learn everything from letters to numbers and from colors to designs. This app consists of various high quality animated audio/video series and games that take children to the world of fun and education. This concept of edutainment keeps children engaged and they learn many things while playing.


  • Features
    • Kids educational to make learning more enjoyable.
    • Childs Safe, with no ads and no external links.
    • The key learning areas include Math, English, Arabic and Science.
    • Kids friendly interface with adaptive video streaming.
    • Huge collection of more than 1000 videos.
  • How to subscribe

    Click here or send “1” to 704407 

  • How to unsubscribe

    Send “U1” to 704407

  • Price

    1.15 SAR Daily 

  • Platforms

    iOS, Android™ and Web 


Zain Kids is available for smartphones and tablets and offers on top of the video catalog, also lots of educational games handpicked by experts and advanced parental control features. The content is regularly updated so your child will never get bored, and you will relax being aware that your kid’s digital time is a quality time.


  • Features
    • No Ads, no interruptions – just non-stop entertainment.
    • 100% safe with Baby Mode (no external browsing, no in-app purchases).
    • Create multiple child profiles.
    • Manage your kid’s creations (drawings and pictures) in dedicated galleries .
    • Download content to watch when you are offline.
  • How to subscribe

    Click here or send “1” or “7” to 700755:
    "1" for Daily Service 
    "7" for Weekly Service 

  • How to unsubscribe

    Send “U1” or “U7” to 700755:
    "U1" for Daily Service
    "U7" for Weekly Service 

  • Price

    1.73 SAR Daily  
    10.35 SAR Weekly 

  • Platforms

    iOS and Android™


Zain Games is a mobile gaming platform for Zain users who are in love and enjoy playing mobile games. The platform allows users to enjoy browsing, playing and downloading from many mobile games categories. 


  • Features
    • No Ads, no interruptions – just non-stop entertainment.
    • No in-app purchases required.
    • High-Quality Games.
  • How to subscribe

    Click here or send “1” to 700300

  • How to unsubscribe

    Send “U2” to 700300

  • Price

    1.15 SAR Daily

  • Platforms

    iOS and Android™

What is secure call?

Secure call is a call blocking service that enables you to block an unwanted received calls or texts .By subscribing to this service, the line owner has to create a pin number. The line owner will not be bothered with any unwanted incoming calls or texts unless the sender or caller enters the pin created by the line owner. 


  • To subscribe to the secure call and blocking service:


    To Subscribe to the Secure call and blocking service










    SMS Opt in code


    SMS Opt out code



    20 SAR

    30 Days

    • Create schedules by time and days for Blacklist, Whitelist and greylist (with pincode)
    • Assign to your schedule a contact, group of contacts, specific country or group of countries.





    0 SAR


    • Block international incoming calls.
    • unblock international incoming calls





    Please send the Opt in code to 703257

    You can also subscribe directly via the link below:

    Download the app :



  • Business rules:

    •    The service will be auto renewed.

    •    The service is compatible with all type of handsets. 

    •    This service is available for both post and prepaid customers.

    •    Customers can cancel this service at any time.

    •    The customer can have multiple pin codes.

    •    The option to set a specific pin code to every group, individual and countries is available through the Mobile Application.

    •    An option to schedule the pin code for Specific days and time is also available.

  • General information:

    If the service is not activated or the SMS reply was not received, kindly verify the following:


    1. Check if your mobile’s memory or SMS inbox is full. Please erase some messages to free up some memory.

    2. Check if the mobile phone is inside network coverage area. Under no or limited Signal coverage, the SMS might have failed to reach its destination.

    3. The message was not sent to the correct number. Write a new message and send it to the right SMS short-code according to the service you want to subscribe.

    4. There is a chance that the network in your area is overloaded now. Kindly allow it more time. If you do not receive a message within the next 15 minutes, please send a new SMS.

    In case all the above did not succeed, kindly contact Zain customer support to assist you further.

  • FAQ

    1. What is SECURE CALL service?

    SECURE CALL is a new concept for call management that allows you to manage
    your received calls by forcing the caller to enter a pin in order to have the ability to
    reach you.
    • This service is available for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers, and is not
    available for roamers.
    • The service supports all type of handsets.


    2. How can I activate SECURE CALL service?

    To activate your SECURE CALL service, you must:
    • Send the keyword 1 or ۱ to 703257 to opt-in. Registration fees apply. No usage
    charges for other messages.
    • Use “Secure Call” mobile application by validating your mobile number. The
    verification will be performed by entering the pin code received via SMS on
    your registered mobile number.

    3. What are the charges to use SECURE CALL service?

    There is 1 package available for Secure Call service:

    Package Type Charges Validity
    Monthly SAR 20 30 days

    4. Can I extend my subscription to SECURE CALL service?

    Once the user is subscribed to the service there is no need to extend his subscription.
    The subscription will be renewed automatically unless the user wants to deactivate the
    service, he can use any channel to cancel his subscription.

    5. How many pin codes is allowed with SECURE CALL service?

    Customers can set unlimited number of pin codes for different groups or individuals
    from the mobile application or the website.

    6. Can I blacklist or whitelist any particular caller?

    Blacklist, Whitelist and GreyList options are available through group’s settings.
    Managing the group’s settings are available in the portal and mobile application.
    • Blacklist: the mobile numbers that are listed as blacklisted, will not be able to
    reach You at all.
    • Whitelist: the mobile number that are listed as whitelisted, will be able to reach
    you at any time without entering any pin code.
    • Greylist: the mobile numbers that are listed as Greylist, will be able to reach
    You only if they enter the correct pin code set by You from the application or
    the website.

    7. Can I set more than 1 pin code at the same time?

    Yes, you will have the option to set a specific pin code to every group, individual and
    countries (Through the Mobile Application). An option to schedule the pin code for
    specific days and time will also be available.

    8. How Can I deactivate SECURE CALL service?

    You can deactivate the service by Sending 1غ or U1 via SMS to 703257

    9. Is the service available for all handsets (Smartphones and Non-Smartphones)?

    The service is compatible with all type of handsets