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  • Make sure your posture is proper when playing for a long time
  • Don't forget to drink water constantly when playing for a long time
  • Move to increase your blood circulation
  • Protect your eyesight by using a good screen
  • Try to eat healthy snacks while playing
  • Organize your time between games and outdoor activities
  • Don't let games affect your lifestyle
  • Don't play games all day, so you can spend time with your family and friends




  • Get close to the modem to enjoy better play
  • Connect the LAN wire (Kat6- 7) for a stable connection
  • Choose a suitable internet package for online games



  • Choose a controller that suits you and makes it easier for you to play
  • Avoid game hacking
  • Don’t share your passwords or personal information (profile) with anyone and for any reason



  • Clean your device with electronic wipes or a cleaning brush, and avoid cleaning it with air
  • Make sure to regularly clean your device from dust
  • Use a larger external hard drive to save games for better device performance