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Zain Hawil Push-To-Talk (PTT) Bundles

With Zain Hawil Push-To-Talk Service (PTT), perform your tasks simply and smoothly, and keep in touch with your field operations

Zain Hawil PTT service provides instant communication for field operations with wide coverage utilizing 2G / 3G / 4G networks variant subscription models to suit your business needs.

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Instant communication service

Group 35105

Anywhere self-management through the portal (dispatcher) to manage the groups, recording, communication, dispatching, and check devices status

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Track your device using GPS

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Exchange of rich media (Voice, images, and locations)

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Subscribe and communicate with no network Investment. Benefit from the nationwide coverage of Zain’s 2G & 3G & 4G

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Specialized radio devices that can handle rough conditions


Build your own package

Contract Duration
12 months
24 months
    • Supports private (one-to-one) and group (one-to-many) PTT calls
    • Management portal (Dispatcher) to manage group, communication, and devices with the following capabilities:
      • Permanent and temporary group creation and cancellation
      • Active member List and status checking
      • History group recordings and playback
      • Radio stun/kill and revive
      • GPS: real-time location, tracking playback, Geo-fencing
      • Multiple maps, including Google Map, Open Street Map, and Satellite Map
      • Call Logs availability
    • T60 Device datasheet
    • T650 Device datasheet
    • M50 Device datasheet
    • Self-service dispatcher specifications
    • To subscribe to the service, please fill out the below form or call our business at 8001010800
    • Service can be provided through direct sales or via phone selling
    • Local Minutes and SMS are valid on all local operators excluding special numbers and short codes. And the included data is only for the PTT communications.
    • All benefits are valid within one month (16th until 15th of the next month), unused benefits will not be transferred to the next month.
    • Package benefits will be reset on the the16th of every calendar month
    • In case of any commitment, the penalty is due when the customer breaks the commitment, equivalent to the commitment value divided by commitment months for each remaining month of the commitment
    • In case the customer chooses a bundle with device fees, the customer has to pay the device fees along with one monthly subscription prior to service activation
    • All prices are VAT inclusive 
    • for aftersales please call 0592419186  or 14477 or call your Key Account Manager, or Service Account Manager through the authorized person through call or e-mail to: