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Video Surveillance System (VSS)

Monitor Your Business from Anywhere

Digital Video Surveillance is a service that provides you with camera management as a monthly subscription model. Provides advanced video surveillance management and analytical capabilities to government and SMEs, specifically multi-branch companies such as: coffee chains, fast food chains, bank branches, ATMs, pharmacy chains, logistics warehouses, gas stations, travel agencies and foreign exchange shops and others.‫‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

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Cloud Video Survailance



360 View of All Sites

Monitor all your sites, look for events, control user permissions, and much more.


Security with Analytics

Analyze and detect events such as Object Detection, Line Crossing, and Intrusion Detection


Upgradable Cloud Storage

Customize your cloud storage based on your business needs.



Monthly Subscription Model

Eliminate your CAPEX and pay as you go with a fixed monthly charge.


    • 4Mb Bullet/Dome
    • Cloud Video Management Platform
    • Remote Live View
    • Remote Playback
    • Alarm And Notification Scheduling
    • Object Detection
    • Line Crossing Detection
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Cameras Integration 
    • Cloud Storage 
    • More Local Storage 
    • Internet Connectivity
    • Thermal imaging Cameras
    • Access Control 
    • Time Attendance   
    • Crowd Management 
    • People Counting 
    • 12-month Contract 
    • Dedicated Internet is not included 
    • Devices are under standard 2-year warranty
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