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Mobile Internet Access (Data Sharer)

With Zain data sharer you can share your company data bundle with your employees.
Zain Data Sharer keeps your employees connected with the flexibility they need. Each of your employees gets his own data plan. Our exclusive business solution comes with an additional dedicated portal to allow you the best control features and to tailor the right offer for your organization.

Why Zain Data Sharer?
Zain Business allows a smarter data sharing for your team. Sharing data is the smart way to stay connected. With Zain data sharer, your employees have the data they need for every task, no matter how big or small – so that they never miss an opportunity.

Zain Business offers maximum control through an innovative tool. Through an exclusive portal you can allocate data individually per user and adjust it each time needed through an internet portal at your disposal. Both portal Authorized person and user can check the data balance and adjust their consumption.

Zain Business boosts business and connection efficiency. A flexible flow of data means your employees always have what they need, with less wastage and no risk of unexpected charges. And by sharing data, you’ll save time and money compared with individual accounts.

Zain Business provides flexibility in tailoring individual plans within your organization.  You can tailor your plan to meet the working needs of every individual enabling you to grow your business.

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Data sharer

  • Bundle Monthly Fee (SAR) Maximum number of SIMs for the Bundle
    200 GB 1850  100
    500 GB 4000  250
    1 TB 7400  500
    2 TB 13400  1000

    •    All bundles follow a 12-month commitment contract
    •    All prices do not include VAT

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