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Fleet Management

Your Fleet Management get easier now with Zain Fleet Management

Fleet Management service provides real-time monitor to all your assets with the information you need to improve the day-to-day work efficiency at minimum cost. It guarantees safety, timely maintenance, and high productivity of your fleet.‫‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

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Fleet Management



Real-time asset tracking:

Real-time view of vehicles makes you always aware of the updates and locations of your vehicles and assets


Improved driver safety and behavior

You can set up your systems to automatically send alerts and notifications when driver safety events occur


Manage fuel and maintenance costs

Automatic capturing of daily routs and time to help you optimize fuel management budget



Improved reporting

With the analytical capabilities that the devices can do, you will be able to create detailed reports that fit your needs to improve the quality of operation


Longer vehicle life spans

Due to the provision of detailed vehicle analysis and the possibility of scheduling maintenance, you can expand the life and safety of the vehicle for the longest possible period.


Higher customer retention rates

You can increase customer retention by increasing the quality of service provided when you use fleet management solutions


    • Location and Route tracking
    • Vehicles speed and behavior monitoring
    • Driver Identification
    • Vehicles status reporting
    • Geo Fencing
    • Remote Vehicles control
    • Scheduled maintenance
    • Analytical and Reporting
    • Fleet Management on Premises
    • Fleet Management Installation & Support on Premises  
    • Fleet Management devices 
    • Fleet Management Sensors
    • Weight Sensor 
    • Temperature & humidity Sensors 
    • Driver & Vehicle RFID
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