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"Zain KSA" Participates in the scientific marathon (Startup Weekend)

Wednesday 24 June 2015

“Zain KSA” Participates in the scientific marathon (Startup Weekend)

“Zain KSA” declared it will participate in the activates of the scientific marathon (Startup Weekend), set up by BADIR Program for Technology Incubators, a subsidiary of King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology. The marathon which starts tomorrow will span for three days, with the aim of activating and supporting youth projects.

The company will provide high-speed internet services for free around the marathon area, while also providing prizes for the owners of the three winning projects, along with distributing many gifts to all contest participants and attendance.

In addition, members of the company’s social program team (Shabab Tamoh) will participate in organizing the event.

The company explained that the marathon, which spans over 54 hours, will form a great chance for young entrepreneurs and innovators to meet with each other, allowing them to show their ideas, projects and initiatives, and to build their own emerging companies (Startups). At the end of the event, a group of referees will select the three most successful Startups, which will be sponsored by BADIR.

The company will update followers of its official twitter account @ ZainKSA, throughout the marathon, and will also announce the winning projects via the event hashtaq (#SWRiyadh).

“Zain KSA” was keen since launching its commercial activities in the Saudi market, to initiative in various social events that supports the youth, in order to help them spend their time in competitive programs, which will contribute in honing their innovation skills, and benefit them and the society in general.