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Towards a More Balanced Working Environment, Zain KSA Announces Appointment of New Women Leaders

Thursday 5 September 2019

Towards a More Balanced Working Environment, Zain KSA Announces Appointment of New Women Leaders

Zain KSA recently announced the appointment of the first female leaders in the telecommunications sector, Shatha bint Muttalib AlNafeesa, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Nada bint Alaa AlHarthi, Vice President of Business Affairs. This comes as a testimony to Zain’s confidence in national human capital, in general, and its keenness to bring in in women leaders.


Continuing its “We Together” program, which aims to achieve a balanced work environment, the company works tirelessly to create a more competitive and creative work environment. Zain recognizes that women and men have equal opportunities and an active role to fulfill in developing and leading the company towards achieving its goals. These valuable programs are part of the company's strategic plans that are in line with Vision 2030.


Sultan bin  Abdulaziz AlDeghaither, CEO of Zain KSA, reiterated that the company is quite proud of the gifted national women leaders that have been appointed. "We congratulate the new women leaders for being selected, and we are confident that they will have a positive impact on Zain KSA’s operation performance moving forward.”

AlDeghaither also pointed out that” We Together”  is one of the most vital programs of Zain KSA, enabling the company to achieve a more balanced work environment.  He went on to say that the company – over the coming months- will focus on strengthening the program initiatives, both to align with Vision 2030, and to help elevate the Saudi telecommunications sector, and maximize utilization of Saudi female talents.

As Zain KSA announced the appointment of Shatha AlNafeesa, Chief Human Resources Officer, the company echoes its belief in the Human Resources Department as instrumental to the company's exceptional operational performance, as it contributed to the company achieving positive financial results, reflecting its true competitive value within the Saudi Telecom sector.


AlNafeesa, the telecommunications sector first female HR executive, has extensive experience in the field of human resources management, as she-over the span of more than 15 years- held several leadership positions in various entities within the health sector. She also managed human resources operations and worked as an HR consultant for a number of key private and public entities. Shatha has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration "Human Resources" from King Abdulaziz University.

company also announced the appointment of Nada AlHarthi, Vice President of Business Affairs. AlHarthi, who holds a master's degree in Global Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and is experienced in planning and strategy and has worked in several areas including the Ministry of Information and the National Center for Privatization as well as the Saudi Technology Development and Investment Company "Taqnia."


These new appointments are an important milestone in the development of the Company's business, boosting its competitive advantage, and bringing real added value to the telecommunications sector and the national economy.