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What is secure call?

Secure call is a call blocking service that enables you to block an unwanted received calls or texts .By subscribing to this service, the line owner has to create a pin number. The line owner will not be bothered with any unwanted incoming calls or texts unless the sender or caller enters the pin created by the line owner. 

  • Package Price Validity SMS Opt in code SMS Opt out code
    Monthly 20 SAR 30 Days 1 U1

    The codes 703257

  • •    The service will be auto renewed.

    •    The service is compatible with all type of handsets. 

    •    This service is available for both post and prepaid customers.

    •    Customers can cancel this service at any time.

    •    The customer can have multiple pin codes.

    •    The option to set a specific pin code to every group, individual and countries is available through the Mobile Application.

    •    An option to schedule the pin code for Specific days and time is also available.

  • If the service is not activated or the SMS reply was not received, kindly verify the following:


    1. Check if your mobile’s memory or SMS inbox is full. Please erase some messages to free up some memory.

    2. Check if the mobile phone is inside network coverage area. Under no or limited Signal coverage, the SMS might have failed to reach its destination.

    3. The message was not sent to the correct number. Write a new message and send it to the right SMS short-code according to the service you want to subscribe.

    4. There is a chance that the network in your area is overloaded now. Kindly allow it more time. If you do not receive a message within the next 15 minutes, please send a new SMS.

    In case all the above did not succeed, kindly contact Zain customer support to assist you further.