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  • 12 Months price 2999 SAR


  • Zain Fiber is a high-speed internet service provided by Fiber Optics Technology (FTTH), and Fiber prepaid is a new package where customers pay in advance for the service for 12 months.

  • Currently there is only one package which is Fiber prepaid for 12 months.

    • Yes you can renew your subscription, by choosing one of the following Zain Fiber prepaid renewal plans:
      • Renew your Subscription for 12 months & get 2 free months + 2 free subscriptions in Shahid sports and OSN+ for 2,999 SAR (VAT included).
      • Renew your Subscription for 6 months & get 1 free month for 1,560 SAR (VAT included).

    By visiting Zain Branches.

  • A dynamic dedicated Global IP address means that no one else uses your IP address while you are connected to Zain network and it becomes changed to a new IP each time you are Re-connected to Zain network.

    • Customers may downgrade their package but will be obliged to a penalty that is equal to the prices of the devices in their current package. In case of service termination after the downgrade request, the prices of the devices will not be included in the penalty (Early Termination Fees).
    • Customers may upgrade their package without any additional fees.
    • What is FTTH fiber optics technology?
      "FTTH" is an abbreviation to "Fiber to the home" which provides high speed fiber optics cables to each home individually.


    • What is Fiber home?
      Zain Fiber is high-speed internet service provided by Fiber Optics Technology (FTTH).


    • How can I subscribe to Fiber home?
      You must have a fiber network from any operator connected to your residence and an Optical Distribution Box (ODB) & Plate number installed and active outside your house/ building.


    • How do I get the Fiber home service?
      • Visit Zain App
      • Visit Zain Website and fill the service activation form.
      • Zain’s sales agent.


    • What is the minimum download speed?
      The service provider is obligated to provide a download speed no less than 70% of your package speed.


    • What is the Wi-Fi booster?
      It’s a device that boosts the Wi-Fi signals and you can use it if you are facing an issue in coverage or speed. You can use it inside the house by plugging it.


    • Is there a minimum commitment period required from you?
      The minimum commitment period is 18 months depending on the package you’ve chosen. Any cancelation during the commitment period will be subject to Early Termination Fees (ETF).
      No penalty will be applied if the service is cancelled after contract period commitment.


    • What is dynamic dedicated Global IP address?
      A dynamic dedicated Global IP address means that no one else uses your IP address while you are connected to Zain network and it becomes changed to a new IP each time you are Re-connected to Zain network.


    • If the customer does not abide by the commitment contract, he shall pay the fine resulting from the termination of the commitment contract, which is as follows:

    Penalty =Device price / Number of commitment months X Number of remaining months of commitment 

    Example: 2300 SAR/ (24 months X 12 months) = 1150 SAR


    • Cases of breaking contract termination:
      • Permanently disconnecting the line due to non-payment of the bill.
      • Transfer of ownership of the number.
      • Transferring to a package whose monthly fees are less than the package fees that the customer received when signing the contract.
      • Transfer the number from postpaid to prepaid.
      • Separation of the line at the request of the customer.
      • Request to stop the line temporarily.


    • What is the fixed wireless access service (FWA)?
      It is an unlimited internet service with the fifth-generation technology provided at the location chosen by the customer.


    • How can I get the package?
      You can get the package from Zain online shop or by visiting one of Zain Shops.


    • What do Zain fixed wireless access internet packages (FWA) offer?
      • Unlimited 5G internet
      • Free 5G Router
      • Competitive prices
      • Speeds up to 300 Mbps


    • Is there a warranty for the router?
      Yes, there is 2 years warranty in case there is a technical failure that is not caused by misuse.


  • Plan Renewal Data Benefits Total data after renewing Price Validity Activation SMS Code* Auto Renewal Cancellation code*
    20 GB +20 GB 40 GB 99 SAR 1 Month 20GB1 CA20GB1
    50 GB +50 GB 100 GB 199 SAR 2 Months 50GB2 CA50GB2
    100 GB +100 GB 200 GB 299 SAR 3 Months 100GB3 CA100GB3

    *Send code to 959

    All plans are auto renewed upon plan expiry. In case the you wish to cancel the auto renewal, you can send the mentioned cancellation code and still enjoy the benefits until plan expiry.


    • Send SMS with the code BC to 959
    • To manage your subscription please visit: from your Zain data line
    • log in into My Account
    • For more information, please call customer service on 959 from your Zain line or 0590000959 or visit the nearest Zain shop
  • FTTH is Fiber to The Home which provides high speed fiber optics cables to each home individually.

  • The Customer must have fiber network connected to his/her resident to make sure that the technology is provided in your neighborhood, please visit Zain Fiber online service request
    to ensure if the service covers your house or not

    • Requesting the service:

    Fill out the form by click “Request Now” button .
    Or by calling Customer Care +966590000959 or 959 from Zain Line.

    • Signing the Contract Appointment:

    Zain team will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment to choose the suitable package for you and sign the contract.

    • Before Installation:

    The installation team will contact you to confirm your order and inform you about the estimated time for arriving to your location.
    Signing the E-Contract before the installation.

    • After Installation:

    Signing the User Acceptance form after the Installation

  • Zain Fiber is service available in selected areas.
    However, Zain KSA is in process of extending fiber optic service in different areas in the kingdom.

  • FTTH Fiber Optics is better in terms of high speed and consistency in the level of service. Allowing you & your family to use the internet at the same time at high speed from a single source.

  • No, it is unlimited internet there is no FUP applied on Zain Fiber Service

  • By using Zain Wi-Fi booster, for more information please Click Here

  • Yes, currently Zain Fiber service is available in the central, eastern and western regions, and we are in the process to expand in the other regions.

  • The customer can pay bill using the following methods:

    • Zain KSA Website (Quick Pay)
    • Through SADAD service.
    • Zain shops by providing the Subscription Number
  • The contract period for every package is 12 months.