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Smart Home Solutions

Welcome to Smart Home Solutions, your gateway to a more streamlined and productive lifestyle. Imagine controlling your devices remotely from your mobile device! Discover the myriad benefits of our Smart Home Solutions.



We're committed to making your life easier, secure, and more reassuring.



Automating tasks and offering remote control of your devices simplifies your daily routine.



Our cutting-edge security systems can shield your home against intruders, fires, gas leaks, and other potential hazards.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

With the ability to monitor and manage your smart devices no matter where you are, your world is securely within your grasp.

Smart Outdoor Camera

Smart Outdoor Camera   1,116.95 SAR  1,379


Be alerted in real-time and take action if there’s an intrusion on your property.

  • Instant smartphone notifications in the event of a break-in
  • Receive only useful alerts with the Alert-Zones feature.
  • A built-in smart lighting system for greater effectiveness
  • Footage accessible 24/7 from your smartphone


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Home esim

Smart Indoor Camera   654.96 SAR  861


Be instantly alerted if there’s a break-in in your home

  • Instant smartphone notifications in the event of a break-in
  • Receive only useful alerts with facial recognition technology
  • Your camera recognizes your family members and respects their privacy
  • Install your camera simply and quickly
  • Fire alarm, smoke detector, siren? You’ll be alerted!


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Smart Video Doorbell

Smart Video Doorbell 1005.19 SAR  1298


See who’s at your door and answer it from anywhere

  • See and talk to your visitors from anywhere using your smartphone
  • Real-time targeted alerts thanks to smart person-detection and Alert-Zones features
  • Easy installation as a replacement for your current wired doorbell
  • Infrared night vision: see who’s at your door 24/7


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Classe 300EOS

KIT CLASSE 300 EOS + Linea3000 black 2,914.41 SAR  3,316


This will lead the customer to the e-shop with the technical specification

  • First step of smart home, ready to add future functions
  • Unique device for multiple function!
  • Slim & curved shape for a “welcome effect’’ to residents and guests
  • Your home butler Alexa built-in: talk to you, listen to you and give help every time you come back or leave home
  • Possibility to be alerted and informed about your home safety wherever you are

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