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Zain KSA: Mobily Claims are Overrated and Invalid

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Zain KSA: Mobily Claims are Overrated and Invalid

Zain KSA has announced that it has received a request on 23/1/1436H, 16/11/2014 from an agent of Etihad Etisalat Company (Mobily) to begin an  arbitration procedure related to Mobily’s claim for Zain to pay an amount of 2,205,491,490.72 SR.
It is not clear to Zain the basis for Mobily’s arbitrary demands, even though Zain has been requesting Mobily to explain its demands for a long time.  Zain has paid the amounts it owes, except for some outstanding amounts totalling approximately SAR13,000,000. 
Zain has stated that some of Mobily’s claims are in contradiction to regulatory resolutions issued by the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC).
Zain does not consider that Mobily is able to appoint an arbitrator under the terms of the original agreement between the companies. 
According to what Zain knows, Zain does not expect any unusual impact on its financial statements.