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Zain KSA hosts Middle East Investor Relations meeting

Wednesday 2 May 2018

Zain KSA hosts Middle East Investor Relations meeting

A number of executives from listed companies in Saudi Arabia discussed with Valerie Haertel, the Global Head of Investor Relations for BNY Mellon, as she shared her experience and insights garnered from her time in the field, and discussed the importance of career development for staff working in investor relations, as well as how that could contribute to the increased quality of services for the department.

The participants discussed the role and future of investor relations. Topics included Career development and the different routes to senior IR roles and beyond, building trust as IR provides market intelligence to internal investors, aligning Investor Relations with the c-suite to unify the messages, hot topics - ESG issues, CSR reporting and diversity, and Debt IR and the essentials of developing an effective debt IR program.

Mr. Rayan Ibrahim AlKarawi, founding Board Member of the Saudi Chapter of the Middle East Investor Relations Association and GM of Investor Relations at Zain Saudi Arabia, stated that "Such meetings promote and develop the role of investor relations, not to mention activate and accelerate the role of investor relations, improving communication with investor on a local and international front, to building and strengthening trust.

Mr. AlKarawi added that such important meetings are held regularly in order to share experiences and discuss current matters, that could ultimately affect the strategic path of the investor relations departments.