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FTTR Description:

Zain offers you the best internet coverage in every room inside your house, starting from 3 rooms. So you can enjoy the maximum speed of your Internet throughout your house.

Service fees:

You can order FTTR on your existing 5G or FTTH for 2,999 SAR paid only once.


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  • FTTR solution is a Fiber extended into rooms within one house, and you can connect to FTTR solution seamlessly (up to 3 rooms). Additional ONT device upon request with an additional cost. Also, to bundle FTTR with our FTTH/ 5G for all Home packages or as a standalone solution to get the best room internet coverage for big villas and flats (150 square meters & above). And to get the best internet speed in every room of the house.

    • FTTR gives the maximum internet speed you got from your existing FTTH or 5G service with the same overall performance, while the other regular solution gives a best effort performance.
    • FTTR uses fiber cable to ensure the same quality of service, while the other regular solution uses Wi-Fi.
    • One primary ONT that connects directly to the main CPE of FTTH or 5G.
    • Three Edge ONTs to be distributed to the house rooms.
  • Yes, it is possible at a price of 375 SAR for each additional edge ONT.

  • Zain technical team will contact you to fix an appointment for a site survey and installation.

  • You can request a refund before FTTR installation ONLY.