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Zain Saudi Arabia publishes detailed coverage maps for its 5G network

Sunday 22 December 2019

Zain Saudi Arabia publishes detailed coverage maps for its 5G network



Zain Saudi Arabia has announced the empowering of its customers by publishing a detailed and interactive coverage map for its 5G network to enable users to view areas where its services are available.  Zain KSA was the first in the ICT sector to offer this service Kingdom wide.


In this regard, Zain Saudi Arabia’s Vice President of Communications Mr. Rayan Abdullah Al Turki stated, “We at Zain KSA give priority to our customer experience based on utter transparency in serving them, and this is why we took a bold step in providing them with detailed information on every city that is covered with 5G network, for it is the right of customers if they decide to test the 5G to view detailed coverage maps in every city to be assured that the places they visit are covered by 5G.’’


The 5G network has many features which include the speed which is 10 times more than the current generation,  low latency speed, and a capacity where thousands of devices can be used at once such as, remotely operated devices, mobile phones and sensors, video cameras and smart street lights and more. All these features will achieve a quantum shift in a number of digital services, n various sectors such as: medicine, the Internet of things, e-commerce, as well as the business sector.

Zain Saudi Arabia additionally announced expanding its 5G network’s coverage to 27 cities serviced by 2600 towers installed kingdom wide, in an effort to extend the benefits presented by this world-class technology to all of the Saudi society.

Moreover, Zain Saudi Arabia is committed towards enhancing the Kingdom’s pioneering position among the world’s top investors in digital services, as outlined in Saudi Vision 2030. The first phase of Zain KSA’s 5G network is considered the first in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.