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Zain Saudi Arabia Partners with Trescon Global to conduct Digital Transformation Conference in Saudi Arabia

Sunday 10 December 2017

Zain Saudi Arabia Partners with Trescon Global to conduct Digital Transformation Conference in Saudi Arabia

In support of the digital transformation programs in Saudi Arabia, and in collaboration with Trescon Global, Zain Saudi Arabia sponsored the Big DT Show Conference, held in Riyadh for two consecutive days. The conference was highly attended, with key participants of senior professionals in the public and private sectors.

The conference included a series of panel discussions, presentations, workshops and live demonstrations in the field of technology; all were presented by leading global and Middle East companies. The main topic of discussion at the conference was the key role of technology in many areas, including-but not limited to- national development, accelerating technological growth, the 4th industrial revolution, smart cities, present and future robots, artificial intelligence revolution, and technical applications for the 5G. Zain KSA also gave a live demonstrations on the 5G technology, as well as a scientific symposium on digital transformation and quality of life.

On the subject of this conference, Eng. Sultan Bin AbdulAziz AlDegaither, Chief Operating Officer, Zain Saudi Arabia, stated: " At Zain Saudi Arabia, we strive to be influential on the country’s movement towards digital transformation, in line with Vision 2030. We are up to date on all aspects relevant to technical development, and how to integrate that into everyday life, be it on an individual or corporate level, all while applying the highest standards of quality and innovation.”

"The Kingdom’s keen interest and focus is on elevating the level of services of the ICT sector, and we are determined to play a significant role and save no efforts toward achieving the national ambition. At the same time, we look forward to collaborating and partnering with key players across all sectors in manners that provide real and tangible opportunities for progress.”

The conference covered a number of worksheets, studies and applications related to the most advanced technologies such as 5G, IoT and Big-Data. Utilizing local, international experts and industry leaders, it is expected to help organizations transform their work to better serve their customers, and to contribute to the digital transformation efforts in the public and private sectors.