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Zain SA Participates in the National Heritage and Culture Festival.

Thursday 10 January 2019

Zain SA Participates in the National Heritage and Culture Festival.



During this year, Zain SA has increased the level of its participation in the National Heritage and Culture Festival “Al-Janadriyah 33,” amidst great interest in the company’s upper management, affiliates and employees.

Zain SA’s keenness to actively participate in the National Heritage and Culture Festival (Al-Janadriyah 33), comes as an extension to the company's tireless zeal in support of this festival, especially as it embodies the Kingdom’s heritage and reflects its diversity. Furthermore, it helps sensitize the younger generations to this heritage, and contributes to the promotion of global cultural communication.

 Zain SA went out of its way to provide unique services to the festivalgoers who- in turn- would relay in vivid details everything they have witnessed in real life either through means of social networking platforms and the Internet, or by helping said goers stay connected with their respective family members through every other means of communication.

Demonstrating Zain SA's strong presence at the National Heritage and Culture Festival “Al-Janadriyah 33, The company trended on Twitter during the last week of the festival, reflecting the overall positive vibes company has left with its visitors, and Zain’s customers’ appreciation.

Commenting on this active participation, Eng. Sultan AbdulAziz AlDegaither, CEO of Zain SA, emphasized that the company is accustomed to participating actively in the National Heritage and Culture Festival on a yearly basis. He went on to say that “This year, we have been exceptionally keen on ensuring greater presence through a highly qualified and well-trained staff. Additionally, we have been determined to participate effectively and ensure a high quality level of telecommunications services in a way that meets the needs and expectations of our valued customers and festival visitors."

Eng. AlDeghaither went on to express his appreciation towards the “Al-Janadriyah 33 Festival” organizes, adding “Thankfully, our country boasts a diverse heritage, which in turn makes it one of the most important countries in the world in this regard.” He also pointed out the company will exert every effort to participate actively in similarly unique national events.”

Furthermore, Zain SA provided the Festival visitors with a number of unique offers through a specialized booth, and gave away many souvenirs bearing the company's logo. Zain SA also allowed demo access for the public to experience 5G, first hand, in addition to a live demonstration of robots that simulate the audience movements using digital sensors.

It is worth noting that Zain SA has allocated buses to commute its employees and executive managers on to and from (Al-Janadriyah 33) Festival.