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Zain KSA" Wraps Up Sponsorship of (ArabNet Riyadh 2013).

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Zain KSA" Wraps Up Sponsorship of (ArabNet Riyadh 2013).


"Zain KSA" recently concluded its sponsorship as a social media partner of (ArabNetRiyadh 2013) forum activities, which was held for the second year in a row in The Four Season Hotel in Riyadh.
The company confirmed that the recent significant role of social media, the increased numbers of youth using them, and the forum’s focus on young entrepreneurs and their experiences motivated the company to focus its efforts on having an effective presence in social media, in addition to contributing in the influential meetings and events of this field.
"Zain KSA"also noted that the forum, which hosts a group of international and local experts, is considered one of the most important events that focus on emerging entrepreneurial companies. The forum shed light on the developing digital businesses in the Kingdom and the Arab World as a whole. It also discussed the Arabic content on the web and ways to develop it, in addition to making use of the digital applications in emerging businesses.
Zain’s participation in the forum for the second year in a row comes as part of its strategy to promote its role in social media in light of the public’s increased interest in them, and the growing local and Arabian content on the web. The companyalso confirmedthat ithas sought tomake the most ofthe forumtoenhance the experience ofparticipants, byallowing them to try the4G/LTE services,on the company’s platform inthe forum exhibition.
It is worth noting that Zain KSA stressed its commitment topromoteitscommunicationand social roles, by always interacting with its followers and communicating directly with thesubscribers toprovide services to them directly through the following accountsonsocial media(Facebook: Zain KSA) (Twitter:@ ZainKSA).