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Zain KSA Welcomes Pilgrims with "Special Package"

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Zain KSA Welcomes Pilgrims with “Special Package”

Zain KSA launched a new package made specifically for this year’s pilgrims visitors of the Holy Mosques, and is now offered in all air, land and sea ports. The package was made available after undergoing several developments and updates and it now offers users cutting-edge communication services and data exchange. 

Thecompany stated that the rate of all local calls both within and out of its network is fixed at 0.45 SR per minute, while international calls are offered in accordance with Zain’s discounted international rate. The visitor’s package allows users to enjoy internet and data exchange services for 0.45 SR/GB, and 1 SR /minute for video calls.  

The SMS rates in the package are set at 0.25 SR/SMS sentboth locally and internationally. In addition to the competitive rates of MMS services at 0.50 SR each for local messages and 0.60 SR for international messages. 

Zain KSA saves no effort in being part of every season and major event, especially Hajj and Omrah seasons, by dedicating teams whose members work around the clock to develop communication and data services for its various packages. It provides its subscribers with many packages and offers, in addition to world-class communication services as part of the integration efforts between both private and public sectors. Zain KSA’s primary goal is caring for its subscribers in every possible way by offering its services to all visitors of the kingdom and visitors of the Holy Mosques in particular.