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Zain KSA: Use of 4G Network Increases By 1400% During 2013

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Zain KSA: Use of 4G Network Increases By 1400% During 2013


Zain KSA revealed an increase in 4G/LTE usage rates during 2013 in main cities and counties around the Kingdom last year, exceeding rates of 3G usage in the same areas.

The company enhanced network capacity around the kingdom to meet the increased demands on 4G services due to widespread use of smartphones, routers and Mi-Fi devices operating on 4G technologies. Zain KSA’s 3G network witnessed an unprecedented 100% increase in data traffic, while its 4G network saw a 600% increase in data traffic and 1400% increase in active user rates compared to the same period in the year before that.

These growing advances prove Zain KSA’s leading position in the region’s telecommunications market, as a result of the company allocating complete work teams to raise service quality, and monitor and improve the network’s infrastructure.

During the last period, Zain KSA provided several new services for subscribers, which include establishing an advanced infrastructure for mobile networks covering more than 93% of populated areas in the Kingdom, including 600 cities and counties. In addition to developing data exchange technologies and speeds reaching 150 MBps. These developments come as part of the company’s mission to provide the latest technologies and reach its ultimate goal of winning the satisfaction of subscribers in all regions and counties around the kingdom.