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Zain KSA Strategic Partner in (Hadafi) Program

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Zain KSA Strategic Partner in (Hadafi) Program

Zain KSA recently took over sponsorship of Hadafi Women Entrepreneurship Program, launched by worldwide Potential Social Company. The objective of the program is to support and improve economic skills of Saudi women entrepreneurs, in addition to enhancing the economic opportunities available to women by empowering them with the necessary tools to establish their own business and support it legally.     

Zain KSA’s participation in the program as a strategic partner symbolizes its constant efforts to empower women entrepreneurs in the Kingdom. In addition to  improving the growth of emerging enterprises by forming successful partnerships with emerging innovative companies in the field of communications and information technology.

Hadafi Program offers a number of different services for women, including tools to establish businesses, media coverage, awards and financial support, all presented through training courses and lectures by specialized experts. The program also offers online interactive workshops focusing on business development, and the obstacles that may face women entrepreneurs in the kingdom and ways to overcome them.  

Since it was first launched in the Saudi market, Zain KSA was keen to participate in in different social events and activities. In addition to supporting programs that develop small and medium enterprises and empower youths of both genders in the field of investment and business, for the purpose of creating a positive added value that affects its commercial operations or social responsibility programs.