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Zain KSA signs a partnership agreement with KUBE3

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Zain KSA signs a partnership agreement with KUBE3

Zain KSA announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with KUBE3, to provide its services and latest offers to the store customers directly through their branches all over the Kingdom.
Zain unveiled that the agreement include the provision of Data SIMs, MBB Bundles, Prepaid and Airtime (EVD), making it easy for subscribers and visitors to complete all their required services while shopping in KUBE3 branches.
This agreement comes as part of Zain strategies to expand and strengthen subscriber’s access points to its services, in line with its transformation plan.
"Zain KSA" recently showed its keenness to expand its service centers across the Kingdom, with the launch of new shops in all regions and shopping malls, in addition to singing productive partnerships with the largest retail stores in the Kingdom.