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Zain KSA releases the latest iPhone

Wednesday 24 June 2015

"Zain KSA" releasesthe latest iPhone

Zain KSA announced the release of the latest iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in all major branches starting from Sunday. The iPhones will be accompanied by Mazaya postpaid packages (Elite and Premium) or Hala prepaid package.

The company revealed that all main flagships around the kingdom opened its doors for those interested in owning the latest iPhones, starting from the early hours of Sunday till 3 am, toeasily buy the new iPhones.

All new & existing subscribers to Mazaya (Elite) will be able to get one of the new iPhones for free with cash back feature,while Mazaya (Premium) subscribers will be able to get an instant discount of 1000 SR on device price. In addition to other offers of  Mazaya package, which includes the free monthly benefits (Calls, SMS & Data) within and out of Zain’s network. 

New Hala prepaid package subscribers will have the chance to get their hands on the latest iPhones upon its release, in addition to a bundle of special services offered by their package, including Hala’s month of internet browsing, free voice calls and SMS on Zain’s network when recharging your line with 140 SR, no monthly or weekly subscription fee is required. Not to mention the lowest prices on international calls offered from the package.

iPhone 5s is considered to be the best smartphone available today. It features a fast processor and an advanced camera; it also supports the latest innovative technologies such as the ability to unlock screens using one’s fingerprint. iPhone 5s promises the experience of its modern design available in new colors, as well as its support  for the new Apple operating system iOS7. Both iPhones allow subscribers of Zain KSA an opportunity to enjoy high speeds of 4G services within its network, which was declared the best 4G/LTE provider in the kingdom this year.