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Zain KSA Promotes Women Empowerment Initiatives and Launches "WE Ambassadors" Program

Thursday 10 January 2019

Zain KSA Promotes Women Empowerment Initiatives and Launches “WE Ambassadors” Program

Zain SA has kicked off the Women Empowerment Initiative of Zain Group, announcing the launch of one of the Women Empowerment programs. This program, titled “Women Empowerment Ambassadors” is a part of Zain SA strategy to enhance female leadership perception in line with the company’s strategies and corporate culture.

The Women Empowerment Ambassadors program is one of the first programs launched by Zain Group. The four pillars of said program are the following: development of human resources policy, development of leadership skills, cultural transformation and women employment. Each pillar has a series of active items.

Zain SA also reiterated that “the Women Empowerment Ambassadors program aims to increase female leadership from 8% to 14% by 2020,” adding “Our current ambassadors at Zain SA are Dalal Ali AlShammari, Abeer Alfuraih, Latifa Alkathiri, Shaikha Alduwaisi, Rana Alzaid, Loluwah Alnowaiser and Nouf Alotaibi.”

“We are fully confident that our ambassadors will work together to contribute to creating opportunities, setting up the right environment and generating leadership ideas to empower women. We- at Zain SA- are fully behind this this initiative to help it unlock great future success stories, God willing. " Eng. Sultan AbdulAziz AlDeghaither, Chief Executive Officer of Zain, stated.

Eng. Al-Deghaither also underlined that “Zain SA always roots for women to partake in all of  Zain’s successful ventures,” He went on to add that “Zain SA is working to make a tangible difference in the ICT sector, hence these attempts to reinforce our positive role in suchlike initiatives.”