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"Zain KSA" presents the best offers on Smartphones with (Mazya)

Wednesday 24 June 2015

"Zain KSA" presents the best offers on Smartphones with (Mazya)

"Zain KSA" continued to expand the list of unique service and offers provided to the subscribers of  Mazaya postpaid packages, by launching its latest offer which enables customers to get an instant discount up to SAR 1500 on all smartphone devices.
The company provides a wide range of smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (which was recently launched exclusively by Zain), iPhone 5, HTC one, Blackberry Z10/Q10 etc. and Mazaya new subscribers can now get any of these devices and enjoy big discounts starting from SAR 1500.
Along with the long list of benefits offered by Mazaya packages, such as the vanity number and themonthly package of (voice calls, SMSs, and data service), new subscribers can now get the latest smartphones with special prices. Galaxy S4 LTE & HTC one is now available with Mazaya starting from SAR 1,199, while customers can get iPhone 5 device starting from SAR 1,055.   
“Zain KSA” is working on the introduction of unprecedented packages and offers to its customers so they can combine between best services and prices, and strengthen their will by providing them with all options characterized with flexible packages and offers.