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"Zain KSA" officially provides 4G/LTE services on iPhone 5 after the launch of (iOS 6.1)

Wednesday 24 June 2015

“Zain KSA” officially provides 4G/LTE services on iPhone 5 after the launch of (iOS 6.1)

“Zain KSA” announced that subscribers who use the iPhone 5 device can now enjoy the high speed 4G /LTE services on “Zain KSA” network, which is the latest in the kingdom, following the new (iOS 6.1) update Apple launched, in addition Zain KSA is officially added on the list of global companies supporting the 4G service for iPhone 5 on the URL:

The company encouraged all subscribers using (iPhone 5) to freely enable the 4G (LTE) service on their smartphone by sending (4G) to (959) from Postpaid lines, or to (700212) from prepaid lines, to enjoy the 4G/LTE experience with a high rates of downloading speed that’s reaches up to 100 Mbit/second, over the latest telecommunication network with the widest LTE coverage in the Kingdom on the 1800 frequency.

The company indicated that the new update which is available for free, comes with many new features, including the activation of the LTE services on the 1800 frequency, to provide high speeds when browsing or using Apple developed applications, the (iOS 6.1) also features new and advanced updates for some important applications such as (Siri) and Apple Maps.

The company said that subscribers can obtain the new iPhone 5 device for free within (Mazaya Elite) package, which allows them to enjoy using the new device along with the free vanity number, and their monthly package of (voice calls, SMSs, and Internet data).

“Zain KSA” was one of the first operators to provide the 4G/LTE service in the kingdom and the Middle East, on its 1800 frequency network, while also launching  many 4G supporting smartphone devices, allowing (Mazaya - Elite) subscribers to recover the full amount they paid for any device they get.