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Zain KSA Offers Unlimited Internet and Free Data on Prepaid Packages

Wednesday 24 June 2015

News On The Best Unlimited Prepaid Data Plans

Zain KSA released its latest offer on all prepaid packages, allowing users to enjoy unlimited internet use with each recharge, along with free data balance and the added value of using the balance for any of Zain’s different services.

The new offer provides users with distinguished features every time they recharge their lines with 20, 50, or 100 SAR, including unlimited internet use for up to seven days depending on the amount recharged. The offer also includes a free data bundle up to 2 GB valid for 120 days, in addition to using the recharged balance to request any of Zain’s services.

The company revealed that offer aims to meet the ambitions of the younger generation of users and their passion for the latest communication applications. Zain KSA’s prepaid packages are designed to offer subscribers a number of options that fit their needs, proving its efforts to present the latest communication technologies, in addition to designing unprecedented packages and offers that combine between the best services and costs.

For more information on the latest offers and services, please visit any  Zain flagship, or Zain’s official website , or follow Zain’s accounts on Facebook (Zain KSA) and Twitter (@ZainKSA). Inquiry calls are also received by the Customer Care Center on 0590000959 (959 from a Zain Line).