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Zain KSA Offers Prepaid Internet Recharge Cards

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Zain KSA Offers Prepaid Internet Recharge Cards

Zain KSA recently released its latest offer of data package recharge cards, allowing users to fill up their internet balance with 5 GB usable for a month or 10 GB usable for 6 months. Users will also enjoy high speed 4G/LTE internet services on Zain’s network.

Subscribers may use the recharge cards for their own data SIM by sending an SMS to 700212 containing (10 digit ID number * card number) , the can also send an SMS from any Zain line containing (10 digit ID number * card number * data SIM number), or visit the self-service page

The company explained that this new offer is part of its constant efforts to enhance user aspiration in network and data exchange services, stressing that it always strives to provide users with the best options in the field of telecommunication and information technology.  

For more information on the latest offers and services, please visit any  Zain World branch, or Zain’s official website, or follow Zain’s accounts on Facebook (Zain KSA) and Twitter (@ZainKSA). Inquiry calls are also received by the Customer Care Center on 0590000959 (959 from a Zain Line).