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Zain KSA Offers More Options with ‘Zain Postpaid Packages

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Zain KSA Offers More Options with ‘Zain Postpaid Packages

Zain KSA Offers More Options with ‘Zain Postpaid Packages’

Zain KSA continues to offer subscribers various options with ‘Zain Postpaid Packages’, allowing them to have all the service in one package. The services include vanity numbers, a monthly bundle of voice calls, SMS and internet use, in addition to the latest smartphones and routers for free with the packages.
The company explained that the monthly bundle includes a number of services offered by ‘Zain Postpaid Packages’, starting with up to 2400 monthly call minutes and unlimited SMS to all local networks, in addition to data services reaching 1 Terabyte per month. The services also include multiple SIM card use, enabling users to enjoy the data bundle on several devices at the same time, while also getting the latest smartphones and mobile 4G routers for free with the package.
‘Zain Postpaid Packages’ offers users a unique experience of choosing vanity numbers and getting them for free when subscribing to one of the packages, including a diamond vanity number worth SAR 100,000.
The company now has five flexible and diverse packages from which subscribers may choose from, all designed to meet the different communication needs of users and ensure the comfort of having a number of different services from one source. This is all part of the company’s constant efforts to enhance its services and increase user satisfaction. 
For more information on offers and services, customers can contact the customer care center 0590000959 (959 from Zain line) or visit the nearest "Zain" branch. The company can also be reached through its official website, or accounts on Facebook (Zain KSA) (Twitter @ZainKSA).