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Zain KSA Network Growth Exceeds %380 on Tarwiyah Day

Tuesday 6 October 2015

Zain KSA Network Growth Exceeds %380 on Tarwiyah Day

Zain KSA revealed that it has reported a record in using and communicating through the network in the holy sites areas where pilgrims are starting Hajj for this year.  

Data services usage on Zain network increased by %380 compared to same early hours of Tarwiyah day last year, while the growth in voice calls service usage exceeded %20 including local and international calls.

The company updated dividers and wireless station systems, while it has increased network capacity for data with high accessibility in all holy sites as well as increasing the number of telecommunication stations to allow pilgrims to make millions of calling minutes per hour. Moreover, Zain KSA has provided many technical solutions this season such as including the 4G/LTE network services for the second year, in order to accommodate the expected increase in usage.

The company stated that it had equipped all its abilities to serve the visitors of the Holy Mosque in an effort to provide the latest technologies in communication, and contribute to the services provided by the government which aim to offer all the comforts for Muslim pilgrims from all over the world, including all means of communication that keep them in constant contact with their families at home at all times.