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Zain KSA Network Growth Exceeds %200 on Tarwiyah Day

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Zain KSA Network Growth Exceeds %200 on Tarwiyah Day


Zain KSA revealed that it has reported a record in using and communicating through the network in the holy sites areas where pilgrims are starting Hajj for this year. 

Data services usage on Zain network increased by %200 compared to same early hours of Tarwiyah day last year. Furthermore, the network experienced an exchange of millions of call minutes and text messages during the same period.

The company clarified that it has increased network capacity for data with high accessibility in all holy sites as well as increasing the number of telecommunication stations to allow pilgrims to make millions of calling minutes per hour.

Moreover, Zain KSA has provided many technical solutions this season such as launching the 4G/LTE network services and the network expansion throughout the holy sites, in order to accommodate the expected increase in usage.

Zain KSA has also revealed that it has doubled the network preparations before Arafah and Eid days, as part of the designed plan to provide the best service quality experience for subscribers.