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Zain KSA Launches New Online Shop

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Zain KSA Launches New Online Shop

Zain KSA Launches New Online Shop
Zain KSA expands the unique services offered to subscribers by enabling them to get the latest offers through its online shop by credit payment and direct delivery of products to users around the Kingdom.
Visitors of the website are offered all voice call and data services and vanity numbers, as part of the company’s efforts to promote user experience. Zain also provides the latest smartphones, routers and MiFi devices that support 4G technologies along with the best packages.
The company had provided various means to pay for the purchased items online, including using credit cards (Visa or Master) or through SADAD, along with using express delivery to deliver product shipments to the required address within 72 hours from making the payment.
The new service is part of the list selling points available to subscribers, which includes the increasing number of main branches around the Kingdom, in addition to flagships located in airports, main sites in the two Holy Mosques and grand shopping centers in the country.