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Zain KSA: Increasing demand on iPhone 5S Gold

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Zain KSA: Increasing demand on iPhone 5S Gold

Zain KSA revealed an increase in the number of subscribers interested in the latest 4G smartphones, which areoffered with Mazaya postpaid packages and ‘Zain Max’ prepaid package.

The company continues to make offers on the latest devices, including iPhone 5S, Samsung Note 3, HTC One Mini, Blackberry Z30 and many more. Zain Smartphones allow users to enjoy the latest telecommunication technologies, in addition to high data speeds through Zain’s 4G/LTE network.

According to sale numbers, the most popular smartphone among subscribers is the Gold iPhone 5S, available in all Zain flagships. The iPhone is offered for the lowest price in the Kingdom, starting at 2,555 SR with Mazaya postpaid package.

“Zain World” flagships around the Kingdom saw increased numbers of subscribers interested in the different devices, as a result of the high speed 4G services offered from Zain’s 4G/LTE network. 

Part of the reason behind Zain KSA’s leading stance is it’s never ending quest to offer the latest innovations in the field of telecommunications and information technology, in addition to designing unprecedented packages and offers that combine between the best services and costs.