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Zain KSA Inaugurates New Main Flagship in Albatha’a, Riyadh

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Zain KSA Inaugurates New Main Flagship in Albatha’a, Riyadh

"Zain KSA" inaugurated the latest flagship in Albatha’a, Riyadh, to be part of its many main flagships around the Kingdom. The company stated that the new flagship comes as part of its strategy to expand and reach more subscribers, in order to provide its distinguished services in the most modern of ways.
Zain’s main flagships offer subscribers solutions for voice and data exchange services, as part of the company’s efforts to raise the quality of service for subscribers. It also offers the best packages including the latest smartphones and routers that support 4G technologies.
The new flagship was designed to meet the highest standards of service offered in all (Zain World) branches, including many  services particular to the company’s subscribers, along with a large number of customer care staff,
It is worth noting that Zain KSA depends entirely on Saudi personnel who are professionals in the field of customer service, in a manner which meets the highest quality and service standards in the Kingdom.