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Zain KSA Holds A Workshop Dedicated for Preparing Launch of "WE ABLE" Initiative

Friday 20 September 2019

Zain KSA Holds A Workshop Dedicated for Preparing Launch of “WE ABLE” Initiative

Initiative aiming for a Disability-Inclusive Work Environment

Zain KSA Holds A Workshop Dedicated for Preparing Launch of “WE ABLE” Initiative




Zain KSA held a specialized workshop aimed at identifying and receiving observations and feedback of persons with disabilities. This comes as a prelude to the launch of WE ABLE; Zain Group's initiative to integrate persons with disabilities into the work environment.


This initiative is in line with Vision 2030; the ambitious national vision that aims at further social development by emphasizing inclusion of persons with disabilities, and transforming them from recipients of assistance into the productive and creative people they have the potential to be, allowing for more internship and employment opportunities for this valuable segment of society.


This workshop stems from the company's keenness to recognize the role of persons with disabilities in the work environment. It also coincides with the launch of Zain Group's WE ABLE initiative for persons with disabilities, complementing the company’s Gender Diversity and Inclusion program., and promoting its vision of diversity and inclusion by 2022.


The first workshop aimed at identifying the opinions and observations of persons with disabilities, so as to ensure so that these views will inform how the new, WE ABLE initiative is activated.


WE ABLE coincides with Zain Group signing up to the International Labor Organization (ILO) Global Business and Disability Network Charter, demonstrating Zain’s commitment to a groupwide plan. Zain’s emphasis will be the development of an implementation plan that will serve as a framework to guide the integration of people with disability into the company and include them in all facets of Zain’s policies and culture.   


Shatha AlNafeesa, Chief Human Resources Officer at Zain KSA, stated that the company will spare no efforts to empower people with disabilities, adding,

“We fully cognizant that Vision 2030 aims to enable people with disabilities to transform them from recipients of aid to productive, creative and able perform effectively; Hence Zain KSA’s active engagement with the WE ABLE initiative launched by Zain group. "

“The WE ABLE initiative aims to empower a very precious segment of society that is near and dear to in our hearts, allowing them the opportunity to work and be creative,” reiterated AlNafeesa. “We are confident that they will succeed and will bring real added value to the company, thereby enhancing its overall competitive advantage.”