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Zain KSA completes all preparations for Hajj

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Zain KSA completes all preparations for Hajj


Zain KSA has recently completed all preparations needed to welcome pilgrims of the upcoming 1435 Hajj season, with the company confirming that all technical services are set and ready in order to ensure a steady performance of the highest quality.
The company succeeded in covering the holy sites with 4G/LTE services, to provide high speed data experience to pilgrims, enabling them to contact their families during Hajj through the latest network in the kingdom.  
Meanwhile, the company allocated service areas in all land, air and marine ports to provide its services to the pilgrims, in addition to all Miqat stations leading to the Holy Mosque. Zain also provided gifts to visiting pilgrims, including umbrellas, bags, medical masks and water bottles.
Zain KSA, since it was first launched in the Saudi market, strived to keep pace with the service development provided by the Saudi Government to ensure the comfort of pilgrims every year.