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Zain KSA Adopts New Customer Care Developing Initiatives

Thursday 26 November 2015

Zain KSA Adopts New Customer Care Developing Initiatives

Zain KSA launched several initiatives to improve its customer care services provided on all touch points including the call centers and shops.
Mr. Abdulmajid Mohammed Al-Rashoudi, Chief Customer Care Officer at Zain KSA, said, “As part of its ‘Caring’ strategy, Zain KSA adopted a number of initiatives to increase the quality of customer experience, driven by our ambitious transformation plan specially with the significant increase in our customer base”
“One of the latest project was (One Experience), which we aims to unify the experience among customer touch points and integrate the efforts of all related departments. Another initiative was (Zain Customer Day), inducting executive management to the full support live experience via engaging with customers alongside front-liners”
It’s worth mentioning that Zain KSA, won the award for Best Customer Service Provider at the 2014 Telecom Review Summit Awards, held at the Intercontinental in Dubai, UAE