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Zain Saudi Arabia Elevates Its Participation at The Global Tech Event “LEAP”

Thursday 3 February 2022

Zain Cloud Launches 6 New Comprehensive Services Supporting Individuals and Business

  • Following its achievement of receiving the highest rating from the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), Zain Cloud is launching a range of new products and services to strengthen its leading position.

Zain Cloud, the cloud computing service provided by Zain KSA, announced the launch of a suite of new cloud computing products and services. This follows its recent achievement of receiving the Class C classification from CITC. This is the highest “Service Provider Registration Class” rating awarded by CITC to cloud computing service providers.

The announcement of new products and services launched by Zain Cloud coincides with the participation of Zain KSA in the global tech expo LEAP, hosted by the Kingdom, and adds value to this prestigious event as well as confirms its ongoing partnership in all initiatives and efforts led by the “Ministry of Communications and Information Technology” (MCIT) and “The Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones” (SAFCSP).

Through its continuous innovation and development of strategic partnerships, Zain Cloud leverages its products and services to contribute to the goals of Vision 2030 and achieve the Kingdom’s digital transformation through a safe and secure system that protects the rights and data of all partners. This is in line with Zain KSA’s strategy to become a leading digital service provider with state-of-the-art solutions that keep pace with future requirements and anticipate future technical challenges.

Zain Cloud's new services and products include the Cloud SD-WAN service, in partnership with global company Fortinet, enabling customers to run their applications securely, reliably and with optimized performance. This is especially well suited for organizations with several branches throughout the Kingdom and businesses operating across multiple sectors. Furthermore, Zain Cloud, in collaboration with SpeechLogix, launched “Zain Calls” to offer a fully local cloud-based telecommunications solution for the first time in the Kingdom. Through a partnership with Hikvision, Zain Cloud will provide a video surveillance service that goes beyond monitoring to include visual analysis and intelligent solutions through a single platform capable of linking multiple geographic locations.  Zain Cloud has also partnered with Veritas to provide a robust cloud-based backup (BaaS) service using NetBackup as a backup and recovery-as-a-service solution that provides enterprise IT departments with an easy and efficient way to ensure integrity and availability of their data. Zain Cloud will also provide Red Hat Enterprise Linux service to its customers creating a more secure and stable environment for business modernization. This will also provide customers with a robust and reliable platform that is capable of deploying cloud infrastructures to fulfill both existing and future requirements for enterprise-level digital transformation. 
Zain Cloud also entered into an agreement with WakeCap to deliver next-generation IoT solutions to enable accurate and consistent reporting on project management procedures and worker safety on industrial and construction sites.

"Zain Cloud" is distinguished as a public cloud provider locally based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is secure, easy to use and completely compatible with the Kingdom’s data protection requirements. Customers, whether individuals or businesses, can benefit from robust cloud infrastructure services and their outstanding speed enhanced by the best 5G technologies in the Kingdom and region. They can also enjoy a wide range of programs in the "Zain Cloud Market place” to manage their businesses and take appropriate strategic steps in an interactive and digital way without human intervention.

Zain Cloud takes into account all of the necessary cybersecurity controls for cloud computing services, and thereby provides subscribers with cybersecurity and helps to reduce cyber risks across all cloud computing services. Zain Cloud also fulfils requirements for improved cybersecurity risk management in line with international best practices and local cybersecurity regulations.