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Zain KSA’s 5G network expanded to cover 38 Saudi cities

Thursday 10 September 2020

Zain KSA’s 5G network expanded to cover 38 Saudi cities

Qurayyat, Ras Tanura and Tabarjal added to the largest coverage

Zain KSA announced the rollout of 5G services in the cities of Qurayyat, Ras Tanura and Tabarjal thus completing the expansion of its 5G network which now covers 38 cities across the Kingdom. The successful network expansion enhances Saudi Arabia’s comprehensive digital transformation journey in line with Saudi Vision 2030, and simultaneously confirms Zain KSA’s commitment as a leading national provider of advanced telecommunications and Internet solutions.

Zain KSA’s 5G network expansion coincides with the beginning of the new academic year, as the company has recently allocated new bundles to support distance learning in the prepaid and postpaid categories.

Commenting on this milestone, Zain KSA’s CEO Eng. Sultan Bin Abdulaziz AlDeghaither, said the company “is particularly keen on covering all the Kingdom’s regions without exception with its 5G network in a way that contributes to endorsing development at the economic, social and knowledge levels. At the same time, ensuring that every Saudi student obtains good educational opportunities by improving the quality of distance education services, and we will continue, in Zain KSA, to invest in supporting remote education in order to contribute in our role in providing our children with the knowledge and skills necessary for the jobs of the smart future and pushing towards achieving a comprehensive digital transformation. Zain KSA’s 5G services will certainly unlock new prospects for these regions, enabling us to provide residents and citizens with tools for innovation and development, and to support the wise leadership’s efforts aiming towards achieving economic diversification and increasing the competitiveness of the national economy.”

Engineer AlDeghaither lauded Zain KSA’s efforts in upgrading the Kingdom's digital infrastructure through injecting valuable investments and implementing a strategy based on modernization and the adoption of the best technologies. “We have begun to realize the results of this strategy at the national level through Zain KSA’s effective contribution in raising the standards and the efficiency of digital services, which has also been reflected through the continued progress achieved by the Kingdom in the relevant international and local reports.”

With the addition of Qurayyat, Ras Tanura and Tabarjal, Zain KSA will continue to offer the widest 5G network, covering 38 cities in total. Zain KSA has been a pioneer in rolling out 5G services in 12 out of 13 administrative regions in Saudi Arabia, according to Meqyas, the Communications and Information Technology Commission’s report.

More recently, Zain KSA has announced the launch of the carrier aggregation feature for its 5G network, becoming the world’s first telecom operator to provide this service to its customers. The new feature enables superfast Internet speeds of up to 2.4 Gbps, providing a seamless experience in using the Internet of Things, playing online games and accessing online business in ways unseen before.

The company’s 5G service was also the fastest in reaching Zoom and Microsoft Teams applications, and ranked first in speed of access to 4 out of 5 games measured by the report, including: Fortnite, FIFA20, APEX, and League of Legends.

These achievements also come in parallel with the international recognition of Zain KSA’s excellence through obtaining the award for Saudi Arabia’s fastest fixed Internet from Ookla, owner of SpeedTest, the globally acclaimed Internet speeds measuring website.