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Kabbani: "Zain KSACaps All Preperations to Serve Hajj Pilgrims"

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Kabbani: "Zain KSACaps All Preperations to Serve Hajj Pilgrims"

Zain KSA’s CEO Mr. Hassan Kabbani received Mr. Abdullah Al-Medlej,Executive Director of the program for hosting TheGuests of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for Hajj. During the reception, he presented Mr. Kabbani with an award of recognition for the company’s patronage of the program’s pilgrims for three years in a row.

"Zain KSA" had provided the pilgrims with mobile phones that support both voice calls and data exchange, in an effort to facilitate their communication with their families around the world. 

Mr. Kabbani affirmed that the company’s efforts are based on its principles, among which is contributing to society by working hand in hand with both private and public sectors. He considers the services presented to the King’s pilgrim guests an obligation the company is honored to perform. "Zain KSA" is also pleased to make their communication easier by providing them with packages made specifically for pilgrims during Hajj season.

Mr. Kabbani also stated that "Zain KSA" completed the necessary preparations to serve the King’s pilgrim guests in the upcoming Hajj season by setting mobile phones and SIM cards for the pilgrims, in addition to providing the latest networks to cover the entire Hajj area. This will be the fourth year that" Zain KSA" contributes to serving the King’s pilgrim guests, after being successfully part of the program for the past three years. 

Zain KSA’s CEO added that caring for those guests is part of implementing the company’s commitment to social responsibility, and the physical application of promises made before launching Zain’s commercial services in the Saudi market. These contributions will help the company reach its goal of enhancing their communicative policy through sustainable development.    

It is worth noting that “Zain KSA” has contributed to serving the Kingdom’s pilgrim guests by providing them with the latest network technologies that ensure advanced communication services. This all comes as part of the company’s responsibility towards its subscribers from all over the world.