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Kabbani: "Zain KSA Fully Prepared to Partner with Emerging Companies"

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Kabbani: “Zain KSA Fully Prepared to Partner with Emerging Companies”


Mr. Hassan Kabbani,CEO of"Zain KSA" stated that the company is fully prepared to support emerging entrepreneurial companiesin the upcoming period. The statement was released during his participation in  a discussion meeting held on the first day of Arabnet Forum, which was held recently in Riyadh. Mr Kabbani added that "Zain KSA" opened the door to partnerships with emerging companies to benefit from existing infrastructure and exchange experiences with Zain.
Mr.Kabbani also mentioned that one of Zain’s priorities is to make successful partnerships within novative emerging companiesin the field of telecommunications and information, inorder to increase the value of provided services and content. In addition to benefiting Zain customers and the Saudi market in general,adding that the smooth proceduresin Zain will contribute in overcoming any obstacles that may face emerging companies, if they choose to go through with the partnership.
The CEO showed his admiration for the entrpreneurial projects presented during the forum, notinghis amazementby the large number ofemerging companies that will provide an impressive addition to the Saudi market invarious fields, if they are given appropriate support through partnerships with major companiesin the Kingdom. He also stressed that Zain believes that the bulk of any financial benefit of those partnerships should be given to the emerging company, in order to provide an opportunity for these projects to promote their position as providers of services and strategic partners of Zain.
It is worth noting that Arabnet Riyadh Forum was held for the second year in a row and sponsored by "Zain KSA" as a partner for social networking. The forum aims to shed light on the emerging entrepreneurial projects in the Kingdom and the Arab worldas a whole. In addition to allowing them to present their innovative services to many top local and international experts, and more than 500 professional participants and businessmen.