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Goodbye to SIM cards Zain KSA launches the Electronic Sim (eSIM) for the first time in the Kingdom

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Goodbye to SIM cards  Zain KSA launches the Electronic Sim (eSIM) for the first time in the Kingdom

Zain KSA announces the launch of the electronic SIM card (eSIM) on the 13th of April 2020, dubbed as the latest generation of chipset technology and most user-friendly,  providing many unique high-efficiency features.

Commenting on this achievement Zain KSA’s CEO Eng. Sultan Bin AbdulAziz AlDeghaither reaffirmed, that the new eSIM will add a new value proposition to many of Zain’s customers, pointing out that the company is working abreast to keep pace with the latest topnotch global technologies, transferring these technologies with passion, diligence and quality to the local markets.

Al Deghaither added, "in Zain KSA we work to constantly fulfill the aspirations of our valued customers, recognizing fully that these aspirations have no limits, and this is why we are working diligently for them, and from here comes the company's keenness to provide the latest and best technologies," confirming that the electronic sim (eSIM) is available on Zain KSA’s mobile application and website without the need for a visit to any branch.

The electronic sim (eSIM) is a built-in chip that is included within phones or smart devices in general and has the same functionality as the traditional sim without the need to be replaced constantly, for the information stored on it is adjustable. One of the integrated eSIM features is that it does not consume a large space on the device, but rather, as it is within the motherboard of phones Smart.

This new feature is available on several devices, including the latest iPhone Xs, in addition to the latest devices by Samsung and Huawei, such as Samsung S20 and Huawei P40.

The eSIM is characterized by its ability to add an additional number to smart devices without the need for a traditional sim, in addition to that it helps to improve battery performance as it consumes a very small percentage of the battery power and the random memory power. Also, in the event that the mobile device is changed, the user only needs to adjust the “eSIM” settings in the new device.

Notably, Zain KSA has launched two special packages for eSIM, the first, a weekly package, that includes unlimited local calls for all networks, data of 5 GB and SAR 5 balance in the app store for SAR 29, and the second, monthly package which includes unlimited local calls, 40 GB and SAR 20 balance in the app store with only SAR 99.